PBS Evolution A Critical Review

PBS’s ‘Evolution’ Prompts a New Sort of Trial

Originally published at Washington Post, Page C07

Lisa de Moraes discusses the PBS series “Evolution” in an article published for The Washington Post:

Josh Gilder wanted to know if Microsoft co-founder and gazillionaire Paul Allen had funded the project to the tune of 100 percent, including not only the eight-hour TV series — which was produced by Allen’s Clear Blue Sky Productions — but also the series’ ultra-slick Web site and teaching manuals for the “cadres of teachers who are going out to the public school system to explain to them how to counter student questions about evolution.” We’re just guessing that Gilder knew the answer ahead of time.

Hutton acknowledged that Allen’s production company paid for the project in full, at which point Moore jumped in. “There’s something like a vulgar Marxist assumption underlying [Gilder’s] question,” he said, “. . . that the one who holds the purse strings controls the content.”

Call me a vulgar Marxist, but it does seem that it would’ve been better if PBS had spent a dime of its own money to finance this project, so that it didn’t look so gosh darned much like Allen was the guy in charge.

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