PBS Evolution A Critical Review

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Critics Want More Facts, While Darwinists Push Their Faith

Some of the "evidence" presented in Evolution is known to be false, and the remaining evidence provides surprisingly little support for Darwin's theory. In place of scientific evidence, Evolution relies on a parade of experts to assure us that Darwin had it right. Read More ›
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Fatuous Filmmaking

Lab scientists challenging Darwin ‘Intelligent design’ theory supports a thoughtful creator

Matt Carter discusses the PBS series “Evolution” in an article published for the Tri-Valley Herald: Two scientists at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and a UC Berkeley researcher are among 100 scientists who are publicly proclaiming their doubts about Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. The scientists have signed a statement that’s being used by a Seattle-based group as ammunition in its attacks on “Evolution,” a seven-part television series airing this week on public television stations nationwide. The Discovery Institute, which circulated the statement, alleges that the series does not present all sides of what the group maintains is a scientific debate over the validity of Darwin’s theories. Continue reading at the Tri-Valley Herald.

TV REVIEW: PBS Series on Evolution Tiptoes Over Tough Issues, Ignores Others

Pamela Winnick discusses the PBS series “Evolution” in an article published for The Post-Gazette: The series, which runs for four nights tomorrow through Thursday, completely ignores the Intelligent Design movement, which began about a decade ago when serious scientists — many with doctorates from prestigious universities — began to tackle evolution on scientific grounds. Among them is Michael Behe, a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University who has set out to prove that even at the cellular level, life is too complex to come about through natural selection. Behe is hardly alone among scientists who have scientific problems with evolution. But you’d never know this from watching this series. If the producers were too afraid to tackle the tough issues, Read More ›

Hagiography for Moderns

The seven-part series “Evolution” is billed as educational. Its high-minded goals are to “heighten understanding of evolution,” to “dispel common misunderstandings,” to “illuminate” evolution’s relevance, “improve its teaching,” and “encourage a national dialogue.” But it comes across as propaganda for Charles Darwin and his cause. Evolution (no “theory” here) is the proud galleon, sailing forth under the banner of Science. The lesser barques and rowboats that move about in the background are those of Religion. But they are rather quaint and old fashioned and reactionary and of course cannot impede the stately progress of Science. One of the small craft, captained by Ken Ham, fundamentalist, has a supporting crew in choir robes. The first installment dramatizes scenes from Charles Darwin’s Read More ›

PBS’s ‘Evolution’ Prompts a New Sort of Trial

Lisa de Moraes discusses the PBS series “Evolution” in an article published for The Washington Post: Josh Gilder wanted to know if Microsoft co-founder and gazillionaire Paul Allen had funded the project to the tune of 100 percent, including not only the eight-hour TV series — which was produced by Allen’s Clear Blue Sky Productions — but also the series’ ultra-slick Web site and teaching manuals for the “cadres of teachers who are going out to the public school system to explain to them how to counter student questions about evolution.” We’re just guessing that Gilder knew the answer ahead of time. Hutton acknowledged that Allen’s production company paid for the project in full, at which point Moore jumped in. Read More ›